Stereotypo Answers

Stereotypo game answers for this category: hope, shyness, reality, enthusiasm, unforgettable experiences, luck, career, good neighbors, interaction. All category contains 20 level so if you want to complete this stereotypo games you must be able to solve 180 level which each level contains 3 to 7 images. Found picture related to the clue isn’t easy it can take more than 10 minutes to find all correct picture.

Stereotypo has very less credits even if you can solve some level it’s still not enough to use because need 20 coins to reveal one picture, without using cheats Stereotypo will be hard to complete. Some picture has more than one meaning so don’t be fooled with a simple picture find the connection between each image.

Start playing right now! OK, enough with the stereotypes already. The goal of this game is to match suitable pictures to words. For example: what does a woman keep in her purse?

Choose pictures that match up to the task and reveal new stereotypes!
Unleash your inner intellectual! Many tasks in the game require you to really get your brain in gear. Don’t miss even the slightest detail!
Here are some examples of the tasks that you need to choose the right pictures for:
night, luck, France, the Oscars, what do people think about when they’re in danger?
And just remember – if your associations don’t correspond to what the writers had in mind, then you’re unique!

stereotypo-hope stereotypo-shyness
stereotypo-reality stereotypo-enthusiasm
stereotypo-unforgettable-experiences stereotypo-luck
stereotypo-career stereotypo-good-neighbors

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